Our team of specialists offers turnkey solutions for all those heavy-duty jobs that put men and machines under enormous strain.

Seilverkauf (EN)

Ø Typ Beschreibung Länge Gewicht Bruchfest. kg/m
in m in Kg in To
50 Litzenseil verz. fast neu ca. 300      
48 Vollverschl. guter Zustand 1700   288 12,90
48 Herkules Schnals 1200   231 10,00
48 Herkules Schnals 620   231 10,00
48 Vollverschl. Enerpass 420   244  
47 Vollverschl. Ravascletto 2300   285 12,5
47 Vollverschl. Ravascletto 2300   285 12,5



// Realized projects at a glance

//Our specialized team offers complete solutions for work that places the highest demands on man and machine. >>Attainment






Complex projects require ad-hoc solutions. Thanks to our know-how, we can quickly satisfy our clients' needs and demands.

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Quality is the result of a process, which we always take into great consideration when working. Only the successful co-operation and combination of production means, processes and people, in the first place, is a guarantee for quality. Our goal is perfection.

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